Reading the Story in DNA


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“Reading the story in DNA” is now out of print but the updated and expanded new edition is available in 2016


Reviews of “Reading the Story in DNA”

“This is a thoroughly engaging beginner’s textbook on molecular evolution. Bromham’s use of modern, colorful examples rather than equations will capture both the attention and the imagination of readers, providing a clear and thorough introduction into a highly sophisticated field without requiring advanced mathematical knowledge” Beth Shapiro, Quarterly Review of Biology, 2010ReviewPDF

“I would strongly recommend this text to supervisors wondering how best to enthuse—rather than confuse—a new student in the general subject area, while at the same time conveying the complexities and difficulties that evolutionary geneticists continue to face without oversimplifying ongoing debates.”  Sara L. Goodacre, Human Genetics, 2009 ReviewPDF

“The author has mastered the art of explaining complex topics very clearly. A simple high school background and nimble mind are the only prerequisites to understand, e.g., the interpretation of Bayesian phylogenetics or the principles of molecular dating. The accurate and concise style will help non-native English speakers to enjoy this book.”  Helena Štorchová, Folia Geobotanica 2011 ReviewPDF


People who have used this book to learn about DNA analysis have said:

“I emphatically want to stress that I cannot overstate the usefulness of this totally approachable book to people like myself, people who are interested in whole organisms who simply want to use the often difficult-to-grasp, abstract concept of molecular technology to as questions about their favourite creatures. This book was written with exactly that audience in mind, and the care and concern for the reader is evident everywhere” Dustin Rhoads, SWCHR Bulletin, 2014 PDF