Introduction to Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics


Published January 2016 See the OUP website

Finalist, Biology Textbook of the Year 2016, Royal Society of Biology:This textbook is well laid out and makes some demanding subject matter both interesting and accessible. Its excellent synthesis nicely combines evolutionary biology with modern genetics, and traditional systematics with cutting-edge bioscience. It offers a fine example of modern textbook design – not so much a book as a toolkit for learning.Dr David Slingsby CBiol FRSB

“Engaging and entertaining writing, with concepts clearly conveyed in a way accessible to less numerate students. It is by far one of the most enjoyable and interesting text books on evolutionary genetics I have read.” Simon Goodman, University of Leeds

Nothing else comes close in terms of completeness and accessibility to our students. Reading the text is almost like having a conversation“. Lawrence Mays, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

“A highly engaging and well-organised book, it achieves what others haven’t: breaking down complex information to an audience with little or no prior phylogenetics knowledge without making the reader feel overwhelmed or patronised. The author has chosen to explain concepts by using real examples of published research (each one of them topical, captivating and, yes, even fun)”: Mario Afonso, University of Liverpool, Microbiology Reviews November 2016 (full review)

5.0 out of 5 stars: An excellent textbook for molecular ecology and evolution
Dr. Bromham writes in a clear and engaging manner, and explains both simple and complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand. She does an excellent job of recognizing key concepts, connecting related information, and providing real-world applications of the methods she presents. In addition to the content, it is clear that much thought was put into the design and layout of the book, with special effort made to make the reader’s job easy. The book is modern and forward thinking in terms of information content, and covers both core concepts and cutting edge research in an accessible manner. This might be the best textbook I have used.” Anonymous Amazon review

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