Origins of Biodiversity: an introduction to macroevolution and macroecology

oobcoverOxford University Press 2019

“An exceptionally well-written textbook on large-scale evolution and ecology, which engages students by using a problem-based approach to recent controversies and debates.”  Dr Peter Bennett, University of Kent



An introduction to molecular evolution and phylogenetics

Oxford University Press 2016Bromham_chosen_visual

“It is by far one of the most enjoyable and interesting text books on evolutionary genetics I have read.” Simon Goodman, University of Leeds



Reading the Story in DNA: a beginner’s guide to molecular evolution.
Oxford University Press 2008bromham-dna

“Unlike anything I’ve seen in this area: irreverent, colourful, humorous. A shop window for all that is wonderful and fascinating about the field. A brilliant little book” Times Higher Education Supplement, 20 July 2009